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Investing In Our Community, Together

Watching kids run around the Sunken Gardens on a summer afternoon, I often find myself thinking “I’m so glad that, 100 years ago, someone thought of this space. Now so many families in Atascadero can enjoy it!” Coaching soccer at Colony Park, visiting the Zoo with friends, or enjoying a picnic and music every Tuesday at Lake Park during summer, I think the same thing. How wonderful it is that someone, at some point, thought of this amazing thing that, however many years later, still makes our city better.


My name is Tori Keen, and my question for you is: how can we invest in Atascadero today, so that, in 20 years, someone is saying that very same thing about us? 


Ten years ago, I moved to Atascadero from the state of Georgia, and I felt like I’d arrived in paradise. Over the last decade I’ve married and had two children. And I have always been a part of this community. From working at businesses in town, to being a stay-at-home-mom, pushing kids in strollers along the winding streets. For six years I worked with AYSO, serving on the board of the largest youth sports program in the city. I attend the Atascadero United Methodist Church, volunteering with their youth program. I’ve also volunteered at my children’s school, and worked with ECHO--not just serving meals, but coordinating donation drives for supplies. Recently I returned to school, earned a paralegal degree, and now work with a local family law firm. 


I know that investing in our community means not just words and dollars, but also time and effort. That’s why I’ve helped with local political campaigns, and currently serve on the Atascadero Planning Commission. Through this group, I’ve realized what investing in our community can truly mean, and I want your help to do more. 


Vote for me for Atascadero City Council, and together let’s invest in the future of our city!

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