"Tori is thoughtful and passionate about the future, with progressive ideas and opinions.  She is also eager to listen to other points of view and engage in equally thoughtful debate. I have known Tori to change her mind on important issues after careful consideration of new information."

-Tony Wilson

"I endorse Tori Keen for City Council. Tori is a listener, is honest and hard working. I believe she would be great voice for Atascadero"

-Ron Sullivan

"I endorse Tori Keen for city council! Her legal knowledge and the fact that she has young kids will allow her to bring a unique and necessary voice to the council. "

-Mariam Shah 

"I whole-heartedly endorse Tori Keen for City Council.  Tori is a strong advocate for our community and will ensure that Atascadero continues to be a wonderful place to raise our children!"

-Simone Huls

"I endorse Tori Keen for City Council"

-Gail Gresham

"I enthusiastically endorse Tori Keen and Jerry Tanimoto.  Both are independent thinkers who care deeply about our community and will work hard to make it better for all of us."

-Susan Funk  Atascadero City Council Member